Utsikt (Outlook) 2008
A film by Elisabet Ericson

"The days go by uneventfully. She passes the time watching her neighbours and slowly the feeling forms that she is losing control. Is it time to say hello to madness?"

Stop-motion animation, 2 min 22 sec


UngVera, 2nd prize 
VĂ„rrullen 2009: 3rd prize in Yellowbird category

Gothenburg International Film Festival 2009
BUFF Malmö February 2009
Amandus Festival Lillehammer 2009
Vera Filmfestival Åland 2009 (2nd prize in UngVeraFilm)
VĂ„rrullen Stockholm 2009 ()
Open Screen Kulturhuset Stockholm 2009
FIA Stockholm 2009
Stranger Festival Amsterdam 2009